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Preacher Keith’s Blog & New Podcast

Devotional Thoughts from Pastor Keith can be found on his blog at    Also, introducing a BRAND NEW podcast called the  3 5 6 Podcast — also available through iTunes. Go to iTunes, search the podcast for 3 5 6 (add spaces between each number) Podcast and SUBSCRIBE. You will be able to hear the…

A Word from the Pastor for 8/24

In 1991, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association was planning for a crusade in Buenos Aries. A local coordination meeting was held in a small Argentine town. The weather was terrible with heavy rains, strong winds, and hail. Nonetheless, pastors were gathered from all over the region. Halfway through the meeting a man slipped in who was drenched and looked exhausted….

Membership records update

If  you have not yet turned in your Membership Update Form, please do so.  The forms are located at the back of the sanctuary and in the FLC lobby.  If you give any type of “offering”, attend Sunday School, or are a church member, we need your updated info for our new membership software.    …